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It's been said that "speaking the truth in an age of deception is a revolutionary act" but with so much censorship, outright banning and de-platforming speaking the truth can be just a tree falling in a forest and with no ears to hear it, does it really make a sound?

This is why it is vital to stay connected any way we can. The subscription form below needs at least your name and email to send the newsletter and vital news updates. However, be it that we never know to what degree of censorship or banning will occur in the future, we would love to also get your phone number and address to send out only top vital emergency messages if the internet goes down and we are unable to communicate via email. We will not sell, loan, misuse or abuse this data in any way whatsoever. Please note it is optional and we only want you to provide it if you feel comfortable to receive rare/occasional text emergency alerts or a physical printed newsletter from us and only us. You will be able opt out at any time. Thank you and God be with you in these trying, perilous times. Bro. Heath Christopher Goodman